The Self-Promoting Musician - Strategies for Independent Music Success - 3rd Edition - Softcover

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Take charge of your music career with crucial do-it-yourself strategies.If you are an independent musician, producer, studio owner, or label,you should own this book! Written by Peter Spellman, Director of theCareer Development Center at Berklee College of Music, this guide willteach you everything you need to know to become a success in the musicbusiness. Filled with empowering tips and resources for self-managedmusicians, you will learn to: create a goals-driven plan to help youfulfill your musical passions; multiply the power of every gig you playusing 15 proven methods; turbo-charge your social media strategy; getradio airplay – online and offline; protect your creative works; keepyour career organized and growing, using the best low-cost practices;and more!

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