Eric Clapton, Day by Day The Later Years, 1983-2013 - Hardcover

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Volume 2 of Eric Clapton, Day by Day covers 1983 through to 2013,listing all of Clapton's tour dates, set lists, recording sessions, andguest appearances for that period, along with quotes and narrative fromengineers, producers, and musicians who were involved. Where possible,entries for recording sessions, as well as live recordings, list allaccompanying musicians and the studio locations, plus the songs thatwere released and those that remained in the vault.

Volume 2details major events of the last few decades, such as the ARMS shows,which saw the three Yardbirds guitarists – Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, andJimmy Page – onstage together for the first time since the sixties. Itlooks at the Cream reformation shows of 2005, with all the ups and downsassociated with that reunion. In the last decade, Clapton has revisitedhis past on several occasions, and in 2008, he reunited with his BlindFaith band mate, Stevie Winwood. The remarkable musical chemistrybetween the two was obvious to fans, and the Clapton/Winwoodrelationship has been revived several times since. The book also coversClapton's well-publicized Crossroads guitar festivals, which have beenwell received by fans and critics. The year 2013 marks the 50thanniversary of his performing career.

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