Contemporary Drumset Techniques - Innovative Concepts for the Contemporary Drummer - DVD

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As one of the true masters of drumming, Rick Latham literally wrote the book on funk drums in his classic Advanced Funk Studies. His second release, Contemporary Drumset Techniques,is one of the most complete books on linear drumming techniquesavailable. Filled with hundreds of exercises that can be easilyincorporated into your playing, Contemporary Drumset Techniques has proven to be an invaluable drumming resource.
Thiscompanion video to the book guides you through rudiments,interpretation and triplet exercises, foot substitutions, hip-hoppatterns, and many other fascinating topics. Watch Rick bring the topicscovered in his landmark book to life by personally demonstratingtechniques and exercises. Included are five full-band showcaseperformances that provide real-world examples of the concepts covered inthe video. These performances combined with Rick’s teaching result in aDVD that will impact your drumming forever.

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