If You Like the Ramones... Here Are Over 200 Bands, CDs, Films, and Other Oddities That You Will Love - Softcover

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With that quick count-off, four hoppin' cretinsfrom Queens who called themselves the Ramones launched the 1970smusical revolution known as punk rock. And ever since, popular musichasn't been the same. Perhaps the most imitated band of all time, theRamones stripped rock 'n' roll down to its bare bones and beating heartand handed it back to the people, making it fun again and remindingeveryone that, hey, they could do this, too.

But “da brudders”didn't just influence their key comrades in the original punk explosion.Their raw, tough sound and divine gift of enduring, melodic songcrafthas power-drilled its way into musical styles as divergent as collegerock, power pop, hardcore punk, thrash metal, grunge, and theavant-garde, and continues to be felt in newer waves of young acts. Andwhat about the music that influenced the Ramones themselves – early rock'n' roll, surf rock, British Invasion sounds, garage rock, girl groups,hard rock, bubblegum, proto-punk, and glam rock? Or the nonmusicalstuff that also warped the skulls beneath those trademark bowl haircuts –weird movies, cartoons, trashy TV shows, comic books, and othercultural jetsam? It's all here, just waiting for you to discover anddig. Hey Ho, Let's Go!

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