The Serious Guitarist: Right Hand Picking - A Technique-Building Approach for the Dedicated Guitarist - Book and CD

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When it comes to right-handpicking technique, serious guitarists have waited patiently for acomprehensive book to address these specialized skills. Until now, rock,blues, and jazz players have not had a book devoted entirely toright-hand picking. The Serious Guitarist: Right Hand Pickingfills this gap with a unique, dedicated approach to pick playing thatyou've always been looking for. You'll learn the most efficient way tohold and use a pick, and discover ways to increase efficiency whenmoving from string to string. Lessons are organized by the number ofstrings---beginning on a single string, then progressing to two-stringexercises, then three, all the way up to six strings. The featuredexercises have been thoughtfully developed into musical ideas and licksto give a clear example of how you can incorporate the exercises intoyour own playing. This way, you will be playing music, not justexercises. Right Hand Picking provides the tools you need tobecome a better guitar player, but more importantly, it will help youbecome a better musician. The included companion CD featuresdemonstrations of the examples in the book.

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