Digital Performer for Engineers and Producers - Music Production, Mixing, Film Scoring, and Live Performance - Softcover with DVD-ROM

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Digital Performer for Engineers and Producers is designed to helppeople who already have some familiarity with Digital Performer – orany other DAW software – jump directly into some of the extremelyimportant and powerful capabilities of this incredible software. Authorand noted DP guru David E. Roberts has been directly involved with thedevelopment of this incredibly powerful and innovative DAW softwaresince 1993; he is also responsible for artist/VIP support at MOTU andhas been training new users for the past 20 years. Considering Roberts'depth of understanding and insightful experience, this Quick Pro Guideoffers a uniquely succinct path to understanding and eventuallymastering Digital Performer.

Digital Performer for Engineers and Producersfocuses specifically on music production, mixing, film scoring, andlive performance. This important resource helps the reader get rightdown to the essential tasks, providing insight, tips, and tricks thathelp the creative mind link existing knowledge to the importantactivities most commonly implemented by DAW users at every level.

Theaccompanying DVD-ROM provides extremely powerful and supportive videotutorials featuring Magic Dave Roberts doing what he does best:revealing the insider tips and tricks that have kept Digital Performerat the forefront of DAW technology since its inception.

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