Vox - Tone Garage - Trike Fuzz Pedal

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This new series features five effects units with all-analog circuitry: the Flat 4 Boost, V8 Distortion & Straight 6 Drive feature a VOX
12AX7 tube; the Double Deca Delay features three BBD chips & the Trike Fuzz features specially-selected diodes. Vox engineers
named the series “Tone Garage” for its boutique-inspired, hot-rodded and modded designs that deliver classic and unique tones
not found elsewhere.

An octave fuzz with three types of octave settings
This is an octave fuzz overflowing with vintage character,
utilizing specially-selected diodes.

Main Features:
• Discrete circuitry - the result of a relentless design philosophy
• True bypass design provides tonal confidence even when the effect is off
• Tough die-cast body that stands up to the rigors of the road
• Newly-developed, Hi-Volt technology on the tube stomp models allows the tube to
operate at 200V

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