Hal Leonard - Ukulele Starter Pack - Includes a Ukulele, Method Book/CD, and DVD

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This pack includes everything you need to play ukulele today! Thehigh-quality uke is ready to pull out and play. It's finely constructedwith quality tuners and level playing bridge making it an idealinstrument to learn on. The pack also includes a comprehensive andeasy-to-use beginner's book authored by uke master Lil' Rev. It includesmany songs to play while you learn and includes a CD with 46 demo andplay-along tracks. In addition, the book includes information on tuning,reading music, melody playing, strumming, scales, and a handy guideshowing more than 1000 ukulele chords! The DVD features on-screenmusical examples and demonstrations to really hammer home everythingyou're learning in the book. Whether you're teaching yourself or aclassroom of students, this pack will get the job done!

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