Marshall - M-VLVE-00047 12AX7B/ECC83 Shuguang Low Microphony Gold Logo Valve 1 Pack

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Valves [a.k.a. tubes] of all shapes, sizes and makes have always been associated with the many celebrated tones of Marshall amplifiers and with good reason - they're an essential component in the creation of what has become known as the 'Marshall sound'. Yet, despite their importance, in the mind of the average guitarist valves are shrouded in a mysterious aura. In fact, over the years a whole mythology [some of it factual, some of it pure fiction!] has been built around these enigmatic electronic components. In this, the first of a series of features on this subject, we hope to shed some light on the much misunderstood valve. We'll start by explaining a little bit about how these glowing, glass tone-generators work - in 'guitarist friendly' terms of course!

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