Marshall DSL Series 15C 1x12" 15 Watt Tube Amp Combo

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Marshall's DSL15C 15-watt guitar combo amp serves up definitive Marshalltube tone. The DSL series ruled for a decade, and it's back, with atone moster combo that lets you dial up any classic Marshall soundyou've ever heard. The new, all-tube DSL Series is surprisinglyaffordable, too - juicing your tone arsenal with massive power and allthe best sonic qualities and features of both modern and vintageMarshals - in a portable and totally tweakable combo. From Plexi-stylecleans to JCM800-esque snarl to liquid inferno high gain - you get itall with the Marshall DSL15C.

  • 15 Watt Combo
  • 2 Channels (Classic Gain, Ultra Gain) with Independent Volume/Gain Controls
  • 12-Inch Custom Voiced Celestion Speaker
  • Bass, Middle, Treble, and Presence Controls
  • Footswitch Included (for channel change and reverb on/off)

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