The Wayne Charvel Legend - Softcover with CD

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Wayne Charvel started Charvel Manufacturing in San Dimas, California andhas been designing and building guitars for 49 years, working for B.C.Rich and Gibson, and for Fender in the 1970s. Wayne has built guitarsfor a who's who of players, including Eddie Van Halen, Billy Gibbons,John Kay, Paul Gilbert, Pete Townsend, Warren Haynes, Hank Williams Jr.,Jim Root, Joe Perry and many others. The Charvel name on the headstockof a solid-body electric guitar is a mark of value for buyers andcollectors; the brand – which has been sold and re-sold and is now ownedby Fender – has taken its place among other premium American brands.Under the “Wayne” logo, Wayne Charvel continues to build high-endguitars made in the USA. Here is the whole story, told by Wayne and hissons. As a bonus, the book includes a CD of songs by The Charvel Twins,Bob and Rick!

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