Power Tools for Studio One 2 Volume 2 - Softcover with DVD-ROM

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Power Tools for Studio One 2, Volume 1 orients users to the program and teaches them to record, play, and edit audio and MIDI. In Power Tools for Studio One 2, Volume 2,Studio One maven Larry the O takes users even deeper, into advancedapplications, such as working with loops and video, and theall-important processes that constitute the second half of musicproduction: mixing, mastering, and sharing your work with the world,exploring each topic in comprehensive detail.

The transparentintegration of mixing, mastering, and sharing is fundamental of StudioOne 2's amazing production power. This book unleashes this power,demonstrating:

• How to jump from a mastering session back to a mix to make changes, then instantly update the mastering session

•Ways to export your masters to an audio file, a DDP file that can besent to a professional mastering house, or a set of compressed files fordigital downloading

• How to upload directly from Studio One 2 to online services, such as SoundCloud

• The unique capacity to trade tricks with other users through Studio One Exchange

In addition, this volume discusses important features released since the first volume was written, such as macros and more.

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