Grover Pro 5x14" G3 Concert Snare Drum, Natural Finish

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We created the G Series by questioning and analyzing current design standards. The result – a totally new blueprint born through experimentation and analysis.

Abandoning common misconceptions and myths about drum construction, we started with a blank slate and identified sound design principles which enhance both function and sonic characteristics.

Our design philosophy is that the true benefit of playing a drum with multiple snares is not “multi-tonality.” Rather, we believe that the real value lies in utilizing snares that respond differently at successive dynamic levels.

Think about a car transmission. Each gear functions at a different speed range, allowing the car to accelerate smoothly. Similarly, each one of our snare units will respond optimally at different dynamic levels, and, by working together, they are able to produce clear articulations across a wide dynamic spectrum.

All production starts with a cross-laminated 100% maple shell, which is sanded, stained and finished utilizing a multi-coat spray process which protects and beautifies the natural wood grain. The inside of each shell is sealed with a lacquer spray which adds a hard reflective coating to the inside wall.  Not only does this keep out moisture, it enhances the reflection of high-end transients. This enriches upper end sonorities, perfectly balancing the natural warmth of maple shells.

All G Series drum feature:

  • Machining in our CNC Center
  • 10-ply cross laminated – 100% maple shell
  • Sleek “Contempo” tube lugs
  • Die-cast rims
  • Multiple snare types/materials
  • Grover/Trick throw-off
  • Nylon tension rod isolators
  • Lifetime warranty


Our G3 is the flagship of the Grover Pro concert snare drum line.Designed for discriminating professionals, this drum incorporates design features that raise the bar, setting a new standard for world-class concert snare drums!

Features include:

  • Three independent snare arrays
  • Four snare types
  • Grover/Trick Custom G3 throw-off
  • Angled snare extensions

At the heart of our G3 concert snare drum is the center snare unit,which includes both black coated and silver uncoated cable. These dual cables have clarity across a wide midrange of dynamics. Optimal snare response: mf to ff

The left snare unit is an array of 6 carbon steel spiral snares, each with approximately 100 small points of contact. The 600 contact points are optimally designed for soft playing. Optimal snare response: ppp- to mf

The right snares feature our gold nylon-coated cable. These cables provide crisp clarity at the higher dynamic levels. Optimal snare response: f to fff+

When used together, these four materials will respond fully through a super-wide dynamic spectrum, allowing the player to achieve silky smooth pianissimo rolls, crisp midrange playing, and forceful articulations.

Our new G3 throw-off is built on the patented Trick 700. We incorporate our solid aircraft aluminum triple-unit outrigger onto the Trick platform. Master adjustments are made using a knurled center console knob. Two “tension balancers” allow the player to independently adjust snares responsible for soft and loud dynamics.

The extension angle of the snares critically impacts the overall response and sensitivity of the drum. Our design frees the snares to exit the snare head plane at an optimal 20° angle, permitting free and full snare resonance throughout the dynamic spectrum.

It is important to note that the snare units are secured at both ends using high-strength nylon-coated aircraft cable, not breakable cord.This ensures that the snares will remain maintenance free for the life of the drum.


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