Ron Stewart - A Bluegrass Banjo Professional DVD

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Ron Stewart has emerged in recent years as one of the most admired and influential banjos players in bluegrass music. His fluid - almost effortless - style is on display in this DVD, where Ron discusses his thoughts on many aspects of professional-level banjo playing - like finding and playing the melody on a vocal tune and positioning/adapting the right hand for the best tone.

AcuTab's John Lawless hosts the DVD which will be of interest and great value to players at all levels of skill or experience. Beginning and interediate players will be able to learn several of the tunes and also profit from Ron's descriptions of finding the melody. More advanced players can tackle some of the tougher tunes, but can learn a great deal from simply watching and listening to Ron's fabulous tone!

Product Number: DRS1
Format: DVD
UPC: 800684110411
Series: Acutab
Publisher: Acutab Publications

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