Great Hands for a Lifetime - Tommy Igoe - DVD

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Artist Name:Tommy Igoe
Skill Level:all
Running Time:4 hours

Great Hands for a Lifetime offers a realistic, practical approach that will unlock your potential and protect your hands through years of drumming. Developed to improve the strength, speed, stamina, comfort and control of every drummer, the 4-hour DVD features:
  • Matched and Traditional Grip
  • Fulcrum Concepts
  • Rebound Strokes
  • Accents
  • Single/Double-Stroke Check Patterns
  • The Five Families of Rudiments
  • Group Exercise Routines
  • Lifetime Warmup? Elements Explained
  • Three Levels of Lifetime Warmup? Demoed with Group
  • MP3s for on-the-go practicing
  • 57-page eBook with extra practice material
  • Wall-sized poster and compact fold-out guide
  • An interview with Sonny Igoe (creator of The Lifetime Warmup!)

Good technique requires maintenance! The Lifetime Warmup? is how it's done.

This incredible workout weaves the standard drum rudiments with original exercises to maintain your technique as well as inspire and challenge you for decades. Use it as a warmup before a gig or as a kickoff to an intense practice session. Use it for anything you want; it's designed to fit your needs. Watch Tommy and group of five drummers play through the routine and see how this approach molds itself to each set of hands.

Designed for drumset players to play better, faster and healthier?for a lifetime of pain-free drumming

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Width: 5.3"
Length: 7.5"
Run Time: 4:00:00

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