Wind Bands of the World - Chronicle of a Cherished Tradition - Softcover

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This engaging text presents a comprehensive history of the wind bandfrom its earliest days to today. The author's narrative describes thedevelopment of instruments, musicians, composers, conductors, and themusic itself, tracing in chronological order, virtually every aspect ofthe growth of bands that has led to today's outstanding ensembles. Amust read for musicians and for those interested in music and history.

“This book about the band world and its history is a defining source and contribution, all in one place, to learn from, study and be entertained.” – Kenneth G. Bloomquist
“...a massive contribution to the band world with his carefully documented 'epic adventure' about bands spanning thousands of years.” – Edward S. Lisk
“...a valuable resource for band directors and lovers of the band medium.” – John R. Bourgeois
“It is informative, educational, and in a departure from normal historical tones, very entertaining.” – Dr. David R. Holsinger
“Especially captivating is the discussion of the bands during the World Wars and how they struggled then emerged better than ever.” – Harlan D. Parker
“His segment on bands from Colonial America through John Philip Sousa is a must read for all students of wind band history. Highly entertaining.” – Frank Wickes
“...In reading it I am learning things that I did not know and I have been conducting bands for over 50 years!” – Don Wilcox
“...a great read! ...this book provides a much-needed addition to the history of wind instruments, and wind bands.” – Paula A. Crider

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