Lessons with the Hudson Greats - Volume 1 - Series: Percussion - Softcover with DVD

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For the first time in print, Hudson Music has taken lessons from theeBooks contained on their award-winning DVDs and compiled them into abook/DVD package for drummers of all styles. Lessons with the Hudson Greats, Vol. 1contains note-for-note transcriptions of many of the key exercises,grooves, fills, and concepts performed and taught by some of thegreatest drummers in the world, creating a workbook that will improveyour playing on just about every front. Concepts cover all the bases,including hand and foot technique builders, odd-time patterns, jazz timeand comping concepts, fill ideas from basic to extremely advanced,groove creativity ideas, funk patterns including odd linear groupings,and more.

These eBooks together present a fantastic amount ofchallenging practice material in all styles, almost like a collegecourse in modern professional drumset playing. Not only a companion tothe Hudson DVDs, the book works as a stand-alone course of study thatwill allow you to incorporate the concepts of many of today's leadingplayers into your approach.

Included is a DVD containing one hourand 15 minutes of clips pulled from the Hudson DVDs referred to in thebook, indexed for ease of reference, making this a complete educationalpackage. Included are drumming greats Jason Bittner, John Blackwell,Keith Carlock, David Garibaldi, and all the artists from the ModernDrummer Festival 2008: Will Calhoun, Ndugu Chancler, Gavin Harrison,Simon Phillips, Thomas Pridgen, Dafnis Prieto, Derek Roddy, ToddSucherman, Bill Stewart, and Billy Ward.

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