Digital Performer 6, Advanced Level Music Pro Guides DVD

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Advanced Level Music Pro Guides Series
Series: Music Pro Guide Books & DVDs
Publisher: BCI Media
Format: DVD
Author : Various Authors

In this Advanced Level DVD of a two-part series, host Andrew Eisele takes you beyond the basics and explores more pro-level features of Digital Performer 6, the powerful Mac-based digital-audio application. You'll learn the fundamentals of synthesis to get you ready to use soft synths, including the new Modulo synth. You'll also get a primer on DP6's pitch-correction capabilities, using VocAlign and other tools. Then it's on to structuring your song using chunks and sequences. Also covers advanced arrangement techniques, effects, filtering and digital signal processing, automation, mixing, file sharing and much more. 3 hr, 15 min.

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Width: 5.5"
Length: 7.5"

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