Recombo DNA The Story of Devo, or How the '60s Became the '80s - Softcover

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Devo may have become synonymous with the crass commercialism of '80s newwave, but many of their inspirations and guiding principles are firmlyrooted in the idealism of the '60s. They took a willfullynon-traditional approach to the surprisingly conservative world of rockmusic, seeking inspiration instead from Dada and Pop art, comic booksand homemade electronics, and in the process becoming a sort of musicalZelig, crossing paths with everything from late '60s psychedelia topunk, krautrock to new wave. Their idiosyncratic philosophy may notalways have been consistent, but it served as a deep well ofinspiration, and led to them working with such legendary characters asart-rock pioneer Brian Eno and Beatles/Bowie engineer Ken Scott.

Published to coincide with the group's 40th anniversary in 2013, Recombo DNAis the first book to evaluate in the proper context the innovations andaccomplishments of this truly groundbreaking band. Beginning in 1970,with the transformative effects of the Kent State University shootings –which the band-members witness firsthand – and ending a decade laterwith Devo on the cusp of superstardom (with “Whip It”), it traces thesounds and ideas that the group absorbed and in turn brought toprominence as unlikely rock stars. For anyone who has ever wonderedwhere “the band who fell to earth” came from, here is the answer.

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