The Martin Ukulele - The Little Instrument That Helped Create a Guitar Giant - Softcover

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The Martin Ukulele is a detailed look at the ukuleles built bythe C. F. Martin Co. of Nazareth, PA, and at how the instruments'success forever changed the company that made them. Martin'sukulele-making led the small, respected builder of fine guitars andmandolins into an era of unprecedented growth in the 1920s and helped itbecome one of the most legendary manufacturers of high-quality guitarsin the world.

Drawing heavily from the extensive archives at theMartin factory, the book examines the company and its development, fromproduction records, sales ledgers, and a vast collection ofcorrespondence to hundreds of photos, including many of the rarestukuleles the company produced. Extensive additional imagery chroniclesthe history of the popularity of the ukulele itself.

The book isboth a narrative about Martin's ukulele manufacturing history and areference work detailing the numbers of each style of ukulele ever madeby the company. It is an exploration from Martin's first attempt atproduction in 1907, to the peaks of ukulele popularity in the 1920s and'50s, to the disinterest that caused Martin to cease ukulele productionin the 1990s, to the recent resurgence that has allowed the firm toagain offer a wide assortment of new models.

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