Practice Personalities: What's Your Type? - Reference DVD

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Identifying and Understanding the Practice Personality Type in the Music Student

In this DVD, a companion to the bestselling book of the same name,Thornton Cline discusses the challenges and benefits of correctpracticing. Cline reveals the nine practice personalities he hasdiscovered through interviews with more than 1,000 music students andover 25 years of teaching experience. Students representing the ninepractice personalities perform on their instruments and are interviewed.These interviews offer valuable insight into the hearts and minds ofthese personalities. The four master teachers interviewed in Practice Personalities (band director, woodwind, brass, percussion) share their effective strategies and practice ideas. Practice Personalitiesis a must for parents, teachers and students who wish to identify thepersonalities of those studying music, to help apply the most effectiveteaching strategies for each personality. 60 minutes.

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