The Rickenbacker Electric Bass - 50 Years as Rock's Bottom - Softcover

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With the introduction of the two-pickup 4001 model in 1961, theRickenbacker bass became a phenomenon. The Beatles' use of Rickenbackerinstruments was pivotal: teen groups everywhere wanted to have the sameinstruments The Beatles used so they could achieve the “right” sound.With its ultra-modern design that made the classic Fender Precision Basslook downright old-fashioned, the Rick quickly became a darling ofprogressive groups that loved its look as much as its different sound.

The Rickenbacker Electric Bass: 50 Years as Rock's Bottomis the first book to trace the history of the iconic guitar, from itsprotoypes through its explosion of popularity in such bands as TheBeatles, Yes, Deep Purple, and Motorhead, to name but a few. Lavishlyillustrated with archival shots, this is a must-have book for not onlyanyone who plays the Rick, but anyone who plays the bass guitar.

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