Baroque Guitar Anthology - 16 Guitar and Lute Pieces - Volume 3 - Softcover with Performance CD

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The third volume of the Baroque Guitar Anthology series contains 16original works by composers of the 17th and 18th centuries, transcribedfor guitar by co-author Stuart Willis. Including pieces by Weiss, deVisée, Hagen and Daube amongst others, it presents a carefully selectedrange of work, and, as with the other volumes in the series, is idealfor any players interested in gaining an insight into the richness andvariety of the Baroque guitar and lute repertoire. The book containscomposer biographies and teaching notes on all of the works and isaccompanied by CD recording of all pieces performed by Jens Franke.Suitable for students with 6-7 years of playing experience, or those ofgrades 5-6 level.

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