Adams 3.0 Octave Alpha Vibraphone w/ Gold Bars - Walnut Frame & Black Resonators

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The Alpha Series Vibraphone from Adams combines advanced acoustic engineering with cutting edge design for an instrument that stands apart from the crowd sonically and aesthetically. Adams propriety alloy and advanced Alpha tuning system create a full balanced tone throughout the range of the instrument. The new highly stylized resonators flow in a natural arc to immerse your audience in every nuance of your performance. The Alpha Vibraphone features a newly designed motor that provides optimal accessibility and near silent operation.

Hand stained solid French Oak rails and end pieces are crowned by a distinctive polished aluminum name plate to announce that this is something special. The height adjustable Voyager frame has been updated with a high arching cross support that disappears behind the sweeping arc of the Alpha resonators to provide a stunning look while providing the perfect soundstage for your audience. Integral cross rails and end caps provide structural integrity while maintaining the smooth flowing lines.

All Adams Vibraphones feature adjustable height rails and dampener bars. Adjustment points located at the end of rails and damper bar allow fine tuning of the dampening pressure applied against the bars.

Dampening Mechanism
The spring tension mechanism provides precise adjustment of dampener bar and foot pedal pressure. The spring is easily accessible, and is adjustable from light to firm pedal action depending on the player's preference.

Motor/Power Adapter
The newly designed Adams Vibraphone Motor features quiet belt drive operation, easy to use controls, adjustment between 40-140 RPM with digital display panel, and a worldwide power supply adapter kit for use between 110-220V. The Alpha Series control panel is elegantly integrated into the small end piece. The Artist, Concert, and Soloist Motor Control Panels are conveniently located on the right side of the instrument for quick access.

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