Weekend Warriors – Set List 1, Bass - Softcover with CD

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For most musicians, the true joy of music is sharing it. While there aremillions of folks “jamming” in their basements with headphones and anaudience of the family pet, there's nothing like the experience ofwalking into a venue and playing songs that put people on the dancefloor, or at least to put a lot of smiles on their faces.

Thisseries from Music Minus One is a wonderful tool to help facilitate that.Whether you are a teenager wanting to figure out how to make some gasmoney on weekends, or a working band that wants to actually capture theessence of the original hits, the Weekend Warriors Set List is for you.With their matching song lists across instruments, these play-alongs areperfect rehearsal tools to put the whole band on the same page. SetList 1 contains: Brown Eyed Girl • Margaritaville • Mony Mony • MustangSally • My Girl • Old Time Rock and Roll • Soul Man • Stand by Me •Sweet Caroline • Under the Boardwalk.

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