Big Star: The Story of Rock's Forgotten Band - Softcover

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“We've sort of flirted with greatness,” R.E.M.'s Peter Buck admitted. “But we've yet to make a record as good as Big Star's Third.”

AlthoughBig Star were together for less than four years and had littlecommercial success, the influence of their three original albums - #1 Record, Radio City, and Third– continues to grow. Big Star bucked all the musical trends of the 70s.In an era of glam and prog rock they wrote catchy, radio-friendlypower-pop tunes that remain influential today. Artists as diverse asPrimal Scream, R.E.M., the Bangles, the Posies, Teenage Fanclub, JeffBuckley, and Wilco have spoken about the Big Star legacy.

In the decade since the original version of this book was published, Big Star have made a belated fourth album, In Space, and released an acclaimed four-disc retrospective, Keep An Eye on the Sky.The band have also lost two original members, an influential producer,and the photographer of their iconic logo. But interest in the group isas high as ever in the 21st century, with new bands such as Yo La Tengoand Hot Chip – and even pop superstar Katy Perry – carrying the flame.

Nowfully updated, and drawing on firsthand interviews with the band,family members, friends, and the major players at Ardent Records, thisis the definitive history of rock's forgotten band.

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