Audio Post Production For Film and Television - Softcover

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Learn the essential skills to enter the audio post-production industry.This book offers a broad coverage of audio post production, includingthe four basic elements: dialogue, music, sound effects, and Foleyeffects. You will learn strategies for working with composers, musicsupervisors, and dialogue and sound effect editors, and exploretechniques on how to edit songs to fit a scene, record dialoguereplacement, cue Foley effects for a scene, as well as many more. Inaddition, you will learn how to prepare for a pre-dub or temp mix (togroup and sub-mix tracks into stems for the final dub), create the finaldub, and prepare the mix for foreign distribution and final delivery.

Bylearning the tools and strategies used by working professionals, youwill have an advantage to participate effectively in this fast-pacedenvironment, as well as applying these skills to independent projects.Includes foreword, introduction, afterword, author biography and index.

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