Pearl 20X14 Championship Maple Bass Drum - Silver Burst Lacquer

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The Championship Bass drums were designed with the same formula used to design the FFX snare drum and Championship tenors. 6 plies of 100% Maple shells offer maximum resonance and huge sub-frequency projection. To compliment the Maple shells. 2" wide 6 ply Maple Hoops are secured by extra wide claws for an evenly dispersed pressure for consistent tuning. Lightweight one-piece high strength aluminum castings and 6mm case-hardened tension bolts provide uncompromising strength and durability for years of heigh performance use.

  • 100% Maple shells give strength and richness of sound
  • Enhances resonance for superb tone
  • Hardware designed to easily withstand today's super high tensioning, yet still be incredibly light
  • Increases strength and durability, allowing for even tension around the head
  • Exceed the tension requirements of today's corps
  • Hold tension evenly, and look as good as they perform
  • Acoustically placed air vents allow quick air exit for unsurpassed playing response and added projection
  • 6mm case-hardened tension bolts
  • 3 year shell warranty, and 1 year hardware warranty

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