Essential Elements for Recorder Classroom Kit - Includes 1 Student Book with Play-Along CD, 9 Student Books, and 10 Recorders

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The new Essential Elements Classroom Method for Recorder isdesigned for today's classroom, including easy-to-use technologyfeatures that enhance the learning experience for any teachingsituation. Essential Elements for Recorder is an effective toolfor introducing or reinforcing general music concepts, as anintroduction to ensemble performance (band, orchestra, and choir), orfor individual or small group instruction. High quality accompaniments(exercises 1-57), expertly arranged for young musicians in a widevariety of styles, make practicing productive and fun.

- The book includes over 130 songs, instrument basics, music reading, duets and rounds, music history, and a fingering chart.

-The audio CD/CD-ROM includes play-along tracks for lessons 1-57, tempoadjustment software that enables students to slow down the tracks whilethey're learning; and a start-up video that you can watch on computer toget you off to a great start!

This classroom kitsincludes one student book with play-along CD; 9 additional studentbooks; and 10 single-piece harmony recorders

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