Eric Clapton FAQ All That's Left to Know About Slowhand - Softcover

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Eric Clapton has been a rock god for half a century. From busking onstreet corners and in local pubs to the raw blues of the Yardbirds, therock/blues fusion of Cream, the guitar brilliance of Derek and theDominoes, and the unforgettable songs of his solo career, he has provenhis incomparable talent in the music world.

His enduring presencehas made him the subject of countless books, articles, reviews,websites, and gossip. Is there really anything new to learn about theman they call Slowhand?

Eric Clapton FAQ combines theobvious, the well-known, the obscure, and the unknown into one place. Itwas not written as a definitive Clapton biography or a tell-all bookthat has the final say. It is, as the title suggests, a book of facts.

Claptonis one of those public figures we know much about, but he still seemsto be partially shrouded in mystery. Sometimes the stories and factsabout his life change and evolve, which is all a part of his mystique. Eric Clapton FAQuncovers some of that mystery and celebrates his talent in anentertaining style. Packed with dozens of rare images, this book is mustfor Slowhand fans.

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