Art Song - Linking Poetry and Music - Softcover

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Art Song: Linking Poetry and Music is a follow-up to author Carol Kimball's bestselling Song: A Guide to Art Song Style and Literature.Rather than a general survey of art song literature, the new bookclearly and insightfully defines the fundamental characteristics of artsong, and the integral relationship between lyric poetry and its musicalsettings. Topics covered include poetry basics for singers, exercisesfor singers in working with poetry, insights into composers' musicalsettings of poetry, building recital programs, performance suggestions,and recommended literature for college and university classical voicemajors. The three appendices address further aspects of poetry,guidelines for creating a recital program, and representative classicalvoice recitals of various descriptions.

Art Song: Linking Poetry and Musicis extremely useful as an “unofficial” text for college/universityvocal literature classes, as an excellent resource for singers and voiceteachers, and of interest to all those who are fascinated by the richlegacy of the art song genre.

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