JodyJazz Classic Clarinet Mouthpiece - Ruby Red - 4

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What is the JodyJazz Classic Clarinet Mouthpiece?
The JodyJazz Clarinet Mouthpiece is best for Concert Band, Orchestra and Classical music settings in closed facings, (2–4) and in the more open facings, (5-8) it is the perfect for playing Jazz Clarinet because of the increased projection that an open mouthpiece can produce with a softer reed.

Dark Centered Power
The JodyJazz Clarinet Mouthpiece has a deep, dark, woody clarinet sound. A centered sound is produced from this mouthpiece with excellent projection. Intonation is flawless throughout the range of the clarinet.

About the Spoiler
The Spoiler is a patented invention. It adds volume (projection) and brightness to the mouthpiece. Spoilers consist of a wedge which creates a higher baffle giving the mouthpiece a brighter more cutting sound. Attached to the wedge is a small metal "reed" which actually vibrates when air is blown into the mouthpiece. This vibration disturbs the air stream causing more complex harmonics and creating more volume. This device slips easily in or out of the mouthpiece. It's like having two mouthpieces in one.

Only JodyJazz Classic, and ESP models come with a spoiler. The metal reed on the ESP spoilers are 24kt Gold plated and the metal reed on the Classic spoilers are stainless steel. The spoiler is designed only for JodyJazz Classic and ESP models and will not fit other mouthpieces.  
JodyJazz Classic Clarinet Mouthpiece Available Tip Openings
  • 2 = .038
  • 3 = .041
  • 4 = .047
  • 5 = .052
  • 6 = .062
  • 7 = .064
  • 8 = .068
  • 9 = .071

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