KRK - 12s 225 Watts 12-Inch Powered Studio Subwoofer

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The KRK12s powered subwoofer is the perfect complement to KRK VXT series, KRK Rokit series, or any other 6"-10" studio monitor. The KRK12s is designed to extend the response of an existing monitor system so that the low-frequency portion of the mix can be engineered. The KRK12s features the powerful accurate and low distortion sound that is the hallmark of all KRK monitor systems.

  • Curved baffle design virtually eliminates diffraction distortion
  • Low distortion 225-watt amplifier
  • Front-firing port provides low frequency extension while reducing boundary coupling and the unique shape is optimized to avoid port turbulence
  • Bypass footswitch control allows you to defeat the sub and provide full range audio to your recording monitors for use with a standard latching 1/4 inch mono footswitch
  • Kevlar 12-Inch driver, high excursion woven Kevlar driver cone

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