Rock Jam - Stuart Bull, Vol. 1 Rock Improvisation Techniques DVD

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This superb DVD is designed to give you the tools to jam along to music, whether it's a song on the radio a piece of television music or a backing track. You will learn to locate the "key" and notes necessary to play along. A unique timing system is used to build licks and ideas needed for improvising. Your individual skill level can be addressed using this system, providing the player with usable musical phrase and licks that can be adapted to any style. A rock style backing track is included for the purpose of demonstration and can be used for the player to try out the musical ideas explored within the DVD.

This product will literally give you the key to improvising also developing your soloing skills to new heights. If you have been confused and baffled as to how guitar players can jam along with music in an instant never before heard, prepare to learn the secret.

Product Number: RDR0268
Format: DVD
ISBN13: 5060088822654
Series: Non-Series
Publisher: Lick Library

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