Read & Burn A Book About Wire - Softcover

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Read & Burn is the first serious, in-depth appraisal of Wire, one of the most influential British bands to emerge during the punk era.

IfWire were briefly a punk band, however, it was largely by historicalaccident. Despite the fact that they had complicated and transformedthat category almost before they'd begun, they seem never to have quiteescaped the label. Be it punk, post-punk, or art-punk, critics haveclung onto the p-word in an attempt to capture the essence of Wire'sinnovative uniqueness.

But their story – which honors punk'soriginal yet quickly forgotten commitment to the new – is one ofconstant remaking and remodelling, one that stubbornly resists reductionto a single identity. As a result, the group's projects have alwaysbalanced uneasily between artistic endeavour and the need for commercialsustainability, played out against the backdrop of the musicians'perennially complex creative relationships.

Tracing Wire's diverse output from 1977 up until the present, Read & Burnseeks to do justice to their highly influential and restlesslyinventive body of work by developing a sustained critical account oftheir shifting approaches. It combines analysis and interpretation withperspective drawn from exclusive interviews with past and presentmembers of the band.

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