Tama Star 16X16 Bubinga Floor Tom - Dark Green Cordia

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STAR is the new flagship line for TAMA drums. It takes the knowledge and research we cultivated for the Starclassic series to the next level, by reexamining every detail to enhance shell resonance. STAR drums are available in two shell types - Bubinga, with its rich, deep tone; and Maple, which offers a bright and open sound. STAR drums introduce many exciting new features, such as the "Super Resonant Mounting System", which improves resonance, unique shell constructions, and the Quick-Lock Tom Bracket, a ground-breaking memory lock system.

STAR drums are the culmination of intense research and development, combined with the knowledge and expertise of our skilled Japanese craftsmen. The results are in the sound.

Bubinga wood, which TAMA introduced to the market, has become increasingly popular as a drum shell material. Because of their ultra-high density, Bubinga shells provide rich, fat low end as well as deep, dark tones.

STAR Bubinga shells are crafted to be much thinner than their Starclassic counterparts. All the shells are 4.5mm thick, including the bass drums and snare drums. These thinner shells allow the Bubinga material to vibrate more freely, which greatly enhances resonance. All STAR Bubinga shells feature 9mm thick Sound Focus Rings (SFR), which provide clear projection and sustain for a distinct sound, as well as reinforcement.



  • Bubinga Shells (STAR Drum)
  • Bearing Edges
  • Inside Finish
  • Super Resonant Mounting System (PAT.PENDING)
  • Quick-Lock Tom Brackets (PAT.PENDING)
  • Floor Tom Legs
  • Minimum Shell Contact
  • Die-Cast Hoops
  • Hold Tight Washers

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