Yamaha RM-SHT44R AirLift Tuba Stadium Lift - Open Box

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The AIRLift Stadium Hardware Tuba and Sousaphone Stands by May are revolutionary new designs. Designed for use on both flat and uneven surfaces (stadium bleachers), these new portable stands will drastically improve not only the look of a tuba section in the stands or the concert hall, but greatly reduce the potential for damage to the instruments while they are not being used.

Unique Quadpod System
The base of the new AIRLift Stadium Hardware stand is a unique Quadpod design offering unparalleled stability. The front legs can be raised or lowered depending on the height of the bleachers ensuring stable support of the instrument. On a flat surface, Stadium Hardware can be effectively used as a storage stand with mobility that allows it to be placed anywhere.

Patented Technology
The patented AIRLift pneumatic height adjustment system makes vertical adjustment of AIRLift Stadium Hardware Stands simple and safe.

The new Stadium Hardware Tuba and Sousaphone stands break down into multiple parts for easy transport. The folding lightweight aluminum tripod design makes transport a breeze. Manufactured to precise tolerances and utilizing stainless steel nuts and bolts, Stadium Hardware is maintenance-free and designed for a lifetime of smooth operation.

The AIRLift Stadium Hardware Tuba Stands adjust to allow the tuba to be placed in proper ergonomic playing position helping to develop good habits in younger players and reduce body stress in older ones.

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