The Drum Master Key - A Compact Guide to Musical Expression - Educational Drum Manuel

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With The Drum Master Key,Florian Alexandru-Zorn has compiled a comprehensive teaching systemusing a modular structure to pave the way towards fluency in all musicalgenres. The individual chapters provide access to a broad spectrum ofmusical styles beginning with fundamental rhythms, and progressingthrough dynamics, polyrhythms, and displacements to create a technicallyand musically satisfying daily workout.
,br>To avoid inflictingan interminable sequence of exercises on percussionists, this volumefeatures conceptual learning, designed to extend their knowledge of notevalues and guide them in the application of stickings to improve theirtiming. Through this process of self-discovery exercises are trulymastered and an essentially rhythmic vocabulary acquired, allowing theplayer to explore new and enhanced forms of percussive expression in anystyle.

This volume compels percussionists to think differentlyand, with this greater sense of self-awareness, enhances existingknowledge whilst building a secure foundation for future development.

FlorianAlexandru-Zorn has developed a personal and systematic approach todeveloping his rhythmic vocabulary on the drumset. With The Drum MasterKey, Florian has documented his concepts in great detail and they arenow available for like-minded drummers who wish to expand their rhythmicawareness and abilities. Steve Smith (Vital Information/Journey)

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