Cympad 3-Piece Hi-Hat Cymbal Pads, 2-Clutch, 1-Seat

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Cympad's advanced, premium-grade, cellular foam cymbal washers are consistent in size,  thickness and density - providing more natural cymbal suspension and better isolation from hardware.

Soft and flexible but strong, Cympad pads improve the sound and performance of all cymbal sizes, types and brands in a variety of rehearsal, recording and performance applications.  Cympad optimizers enhance cymbal sound.  Cymbal Moderators control cymbal sound

Loved by today's leading professionals (including those above plus Tony Braunagel,  Brendan Buckley, Jake Garland, Nate Morton, Johnny Rabb, Stanley Randolph and many more) and recommended for any drumming style or situation, Cympads are available from Big Bang in a selection of Optimizer, Chromatic and Moderator types and sizes.  

  • 2 Hi Hat Clutch Cympads
  • 1 Hi Hat Seat Cympad

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