Lyrical Conducting - Softcover

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Lyrical Conducting: A New Dimension in Expressive Musicianship isthe latest soon-to-be hit from master musician and music educator EdLisk. The concepts and instructional techniques discussed here prompt new and different considerations for what teachers and conductors of instrumental music must strive for. Lyrical Conducting expandsone's awareness through the beauty of musical expression and itsdirection for greater musical meaning. Many attempts have been made todefine artistry, expression, and the mysteries of music's finest detail.This publication will lead you to this discovery through: enhancingexpressive approaches to conducting; building poise and finesse intoone's conducting body language in order to visually express music'slyricism; searching beyond notation to develop a unique and personalrendering of a composition; developing a performance vocabulary orreservoir for artistic considerations that will stimulate your “artisticvocabulary”; and sensitizing one's emotional response to shape thebeauty and expressive qualities of a personal conducting interpretation.

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