Ahead 14" S-Hoop Corp Snare Sound Practice Pad

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Two new practice pads from Ahead have been specially developed to recreate the unique performance characteristics of marching snare drums so that marching band, Winter Guard and drum corps drummers can improve their technique without the potentially damaging volume, sonic frequencies and muscle fatigue often associated with high-tension drums.

The 14" #AHSHP "S-Hoop Marching Pad" is a full-size practice pad features a hard, carbon-fiber surface and a snare effect for a sound and feel similar to that of a tightly tuned head on a marching snare drum. The AHSHP also includes an S-Hoop counterhoop for real rimshots and cross-sticks and a padded bottom so that it can be placed on top of a standard 14" drum during indoor or outdoor drills.

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