Boomwhackers Curriculum Series - Boom-a-Tunes Curriculum - Volume 2 (using Diatonic treble/upper) - Book/CD

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Volume 2 continues treble reading from Volume 1 completing the treble clef through high G. The 6/8 time signature is introduced with the memorable lyrics of An eighth note gets one beat. Stomp your feet! Lesson plans, separate lyrics and instrumental student sheets and high energy games will actively involve all your students with music they can really get their hands on! Instrumental CD and piano accompaniment included. Grades 2-5.

Music teachers love the fact that the Boomwhackers® Tubes can be used to teach all three primary musical elements: rhythm, melody, and harmony. The different tones help children learn rhythms easily. Groups can also play music note by note as a hand bell choir would. The Boom-a-Tunes Curriculum Series contains 5 volumes and is designed for teaching standardized music notation along with general music skills. All books come with accompaniment CDs.

By: Ellen Foncannon

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