Boomwhackers Curriculum Series - Boom-a-Tunes Curriculum - Volume 1 (using Diatonic treble tubes) - Book/CD

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Volume 1 introduces students to treble music notation skills. The educational lyrics teach the location of the notes on the staff and integrate singing and playing to involve the entire class. Volume 1 is a sequenced curriculum complete with plans and activities for 20 lessons. Instrumental CD and piano accompaniment included. Kid tested and teacher approved! Grades K-3.

Music teachers love the fact that the Boomwhackers® Tubes can be used to teach all three primary musical elements: rhythm, melody, and harmony. The different tones help children learn rhythms easily. Groups can also play music note by note as a hand bell choir would. The Boom-a-Tunes Curriculum Series contains 5 volumes and is designed for teaching standardized music notation along with general music skills. All books come with accompaniment CDs.

By: Ellen Foncannon

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