Remo Versa 24.5"x13" Tubano w/ Pre-Tuned Skyndeep Fiberskyn Head - Beige/Orange

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The VERSA Tubano is an evolutionary result from the long line of Remo Tubano® Drums. It is the ideal drum for educational and recreation applications because the ease of maintenance, tone quality and balance.

Lightweight, nestable and portable, the VERSA Tubano Drum is the latest in a long line of Remo innovations which features Remo's "TAPER-FIT DRUM COUPLING".

This technology, patent pending both domestically and internationally, is engineered to create an easy, self-sealing fit with the VERSA pretuned drumheads giving the VERSA Tubano Drum rich bass tones and an overall high quality of sound.

Easily remove the drumhead and play it like a frame drum or switch the heads and transform sound of the drum.

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