Remo Versa 23.5"x13" Djembe w/ Pre-Tuned Skyndeep Fiberskyn Head - Beige/Brown

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VERSA Drums, a revolutionary new line of World Percussion products designed to encourage and enhance the use of drumming in recreational music making, education, medicine, and social settings.
VERSA Djembe is ideal for all drumming styles and produces the fundamental bass and slap tones that will satisfy the most discerning ears. Teachers and facilitator of drumming events embrace the unique features of the VERSA Djembe.

Lightweight, nestable and portable, the VERSA Djembe Drum is the latest in a long line of Remo innovations and features Remo's "TAPER-FIT DRUM COUPLING" drumhead.

This technology, patent pending both domestically and internationally, is engineered to create an easy, self-sealing fit with the VERSA pretuned drumheads giving the VERSA Djembe Drum rich bass tones and an overall high quality of sound.

Easily remove the drumhead and play it like a frame drum or switch the head with another Versa drumhead and transform sound of the drum.

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