Auto-Tune 7 - Beginner/Intermediate Levels - DVD

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Introducing Auto-Tune 7 from Antares! This latest version of Antares'enormously successful vocal intonation and timing correction plug-inrepresents the most substantial advancement in functionality sinceAuto-Tune's original introduction. By far the most powerful addition toAuto-Tune is the new time correction and manipulation component, whichlets you edit a vocal track's timing, right along with their pitch.Other exciting features include the enhanced EVO Voice ProcessingTechnology, the ability to create target notes from MIDI, the ability toadjust throat length on an individual object basis and an expandedkeyboard shortcut list. Auto-Tune 7 has set a new standard forprofessional pitch correction and rhythmic timing!

In thisprogram, host Andrew Eisele first guides you through the ins and outs ofAuto-Tune 7 with a thorough overview of the interface. He explains thebuttons and menus in Automatic and Graphical modes, and demonstratesseveral Auto-Tune workflows for working with the program. Next, Andrewimports many “real world” audio samples – each with pitch and timingproblems – and explain in detail how to use the power of Auto-Tune 7 torepair them. He explains the new time correction and manipulationsystem, while providing many tips and techniques you can use right awayto make your own vocal and rhythmic tracks sound amazing.

If yourecord music and vocals, Auto-Tune 7 is a must-have plug-in for yourdigital audio workstation. The information in this DVD will help you getup and running right away and put you on the road to becoming anAuto-Tune 7 power user.

90 minutes.

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