Radial StageBug SB-5 Sidewinder Laptop DI - Passive Stereo Direct Box for Computers

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The StageBug SB-5 Sidewinder is a direct box designed for AV integrators that need a handy 'tool box' solution for connecting laptop computers, iPads and other audio sources to a PA system. The ultra compact design features an integral 5ft cable terminated in a 3.5mm TRS connector to mate with the headphone output from a laptop. The 'sidewinder' gets its name from the attached cleat that lets you neatly wrap the cable when not in use. Completely passive, the SB-5 does not require any powering. You simply connect and it converts the signal to a pair of 1/4" TRS connectors for stereo use or the signal may be summed mono using the XLR output.

  • Passive stereo direct box for computers
  • Integral 5ft cable with 3.5mm TRS connector
  • Stereo to mono merge function

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