Evans 14" G12 Coated White Drum Batter Head

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The Evans G12 Coated Drumhead uses an exclusive 12mil film made especially for Evans. The G12 drumhead delivers the open and warm tone of a single-ply head while its added thickness provides increased durability, attack, and projection for hard hitting drummers. On snare drums, it produces a definitive "crack" while maintaining an ambient sound. The G12 drumhead's coating adds additional warmth, focus, and depth. Single-ply, open and warm tone with ample resonance, increased durability, enhanced body & projection.

  • Single-ply exclusive 12 mil film
  • Open and warm tone with ample resonance
  • Increased durability over normal single-ply heads
  • Enhanced body and projection
  • Fatter attack on toms, crisp attack on snare
  • Unique translucent finish on coated models

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