Audix TM-1 Plus Test & Measurement Microphone

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Better Sound Through Calibration
Achieve better sound with the Audix TM1 Plus Calibration Mic. Whether you're in the studio or on the road, proper calibration of your monitoring or PA system is the key to better sound. The TM1 Plus lets you take simultaneous measurements with multiple microphones and get an accurate picture of how the audio system is reacting throughout your room in real time. With the TM1 Plus, you can add mics to your calibration rig, and essentially create a matched set once the data files are loaded into the measurement program. Get calibrated with the Audix TM1 Plus.

The importance of calibration
If sound is your business - or just a serious hobby - nailing down your audio system is an important first step in attaining optimal results. If you can't rely on your playback system for accuracy, you're fling blind. Everything you do to compensate for those inaccuracies will only compound the problem. The answer? Calibrate - early and often. It's the professional way to fly.

Bulletproof construction
With its precision-machined 4-stage brass body and capsule housing the Audix TM1 Plus Calibration Mic is built for uncompromising professional use. The TM1 Plus also features field replaceable parts and a tough, attractive nickel plate finish. And it's designed, machined, assembled and tested by Audix right here in the USA, in Wilsonville, OR.

Great tool for sound engineers and sound companies

Whether you're a sound engineer or run a sound company, you understand the necessity of calibrating your playback systems. In the TM1 Plus, Audix gives you an all-in-one calibration system you can use to get professional results, every time. You can even collect several mics and have the system's data files create a matched set for you - letting you see how your audio system is reacting throughout your room in real time. You'll find the Audix TM! Plus to be a sophisticated reference tool you won't want to be without!


  • Precision 6mm pre-polarized condenser microphone
  • Captures acoustic measurements for room analysis software programs
  • Excellent tool for sound engineers, sound companies and recording enthusiasts
  • Uniformly controlled omnidirectional polar pattern
  • Precision-machined 4-stage brass body and capsule housing
  • Low noise SMT circuit, nickel plate finish, field replaceable parts
  • Switchraft XLR connector; shock-absorbent O rings
  • Designed, machined, assembled and tested by Audix in Wilsonville, OR, USA
  • Includes calibration data file, threaded acoustic windscreen, shockmount clip, and calibration adapter

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