The Rock House Method: Learn Bass 2 - Softcover with CD TAB

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The Rock House Method makes learning music fun, easy and effective. Thatmeans no more confusing explanations or mind-numbing, outdated songs tolearn. Rock House is a modern method that helps make learning musicsecond nature. Millions of muisicians in more than 150 countries havealready used the Rock House Method to fulfill their dream and playmusic. You are next!

Building on the techniques learned in Book1, Book 2 starts with natural minor and major scales, single notepatterns and how they connect across the neck. Learn bass techniquessuch as the finger drag, hammer-ons, pull-offs and how to apply them inbass lines. Learn the major scale formula to play them in any key, rootnotes, octaves and the notes in the 5th position. Walking bass lines,sixteenth notes, syncopated bass lines, intervals and drop D tuning arejust a few of the things covered that will help you play songprogressions and bass lines. From theory to complete songs, this programwill get you to the next level! Includes demonstration and play-alongtracks, plus a digital e-book on the enclosed MP3 CD.

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